Off to the islands again tomorrow – End of the Day for May 2, 2014

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No, we aren’t headed to Hawaii or Caribbean, as much as we might like to, but to our very own Channel Islands National Park which are very, very special and yet almost in our back yard. We are off to our second trip to Santa Cruz Island to look for the endangered Channel Island Fox and basically just spend some time away from home. This is a day trip sponsored by the Friends of the Island Fox, our friend’s group that works to protect the fox through education and fundraising for scientific studies.

For me, it is also a great chance to get back on the ocean again. I enjoy being out of the water so much but I don’t get to do it that frequently. This is one reason why I jump at any chance to take an island trip since it combines the beauty of the National Park with the ocean travel, whales, wildlife and more. I also get a chance to practice my photography skills on many different sites, including animals, plants and flowers, landscapes, “street” photography, travel photography and more. These trips combine so many interests of mine into one, it isn’t difficult to decide to go or to find the time or money.

Channel Island Fox (Urocyon littoralis santacruzae)

We’ll be going to Scorpion Anchorage/Bay on this trip — a more developed area than Prisoner’s Harbor with a campground and visitor’s center and more. This development means, though, that the foxes are actually easier to see as they are attracted to the public areas. They have no real predators on the island, so they will often come quite close to investigate backpacks and coolers. We do our best to keep them out of the human food, though, as much as it might interest them.

I can really use a day away from home and work. Both have been a bit stressful lately as we plow through the busiest part of the school year — and therefore our year. I have always been a promoter of balancing high-tech and high-touch in your life, but sometimes I find it hard to take those moments to get outside the city, away from the underlying noise and just walk for a while.

You can see both photos and video from our previous trip to Santa Cruz Island below. If you ever have a chance to make the trip yourself, I highly recommend it. It isn’t overly expensive and you’ll get a chance to see one of our least visited, yet most beautiful, national parks.


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