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COVID19 Exposure Notifications Via iPhone Now Available! Set Up Yours Today!

November 27th, 2020 No comments

I have been eagerly waiting for this since it was first announced and my good friend Daniel let me know this morning (via our family and friends Discord server) that it was finally available here in California. It is not like I have gone much of anywhere for the last 261 days, but it always good to keep aware of what is happening around you.

There is nothing to install. Exposure notifications is built into the iPhone. Just follow the steps below to activate.

Once you activate CA COVID Notify, it does all the work. All you do is keep your bluetooth on. You will only receive alerts if you were in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19. Your privacy is protected as your identity is not known and your location is not tracked.

Set It Up Today!

COVID19 Exposure Notifcations Via iPhone Now Available! Set Up Yours Today!

Complete Information Here

New Jigsaw Puzzles from Douglas E Welch Design and Photography [For Sale]

July 24th, 2020 Comments off

Douglas E. Welch Design and Photography, in association with Redbubble logo


Ur jigsaw puzzle box 252 piece three quarter wide portrait 750x1000 bg f8f8f8Ur jigsaw puzzle 252 piece flatlay square product 600x600 bg f8f8f8  2Ur jigsaw puzzle 252 piece flatlay square product 600x600 bg f8f8f8  7

Ur jigsaw puzzle 252 piece flatlay square product 600x600 bg f8f8f8  9Ur jigsaw puzzle 1000 piece flatlay square product 600x600 bg f8f8f8Ur jigsaw puzzle 1000 piece flatlay square product 600x600 bg f8f8f8  1

Ur jigsaw puzzle 1000 piece flatlay square product 600x600 bg f8f8f8  2Ur jigsaw puzzle 1000 piece flatlay square product 600x600 bg f8f8f8  3Ur jigsaw puzzle 1000 piece flatlay square product 600x600 bg f8f8f8  5

Ur jigsaw puzzle 1000 piece flatlay square product 600x600 bg f8f8f8  6Ur jigsaw puzzle 1000 piece flatlay square product 600x600 bg f8f8f8  8Ur jigsaw puzzle 1000 piece flatlay square product 600x600 bg f8f8f8  9

 More puzzles being added nearly every day!

Spend some piece-ful afternoons with new artist-designed jigsaw puzzles. Choose from thousands of designs to find the perfect one, and the artist who designed it gets paid when you shop.

A little about the product:

  • Puzzles come in 5 sizes: 30, 100, 252, 500, and 1000 piece counts.
  • Each puzzle is printed in vivid, full color on a satin finished pre-diecut puzzle board.
  • Comes in a giftable metal box printed with the puzzle’s assembled image.
  • Precise interlocking pieces (so satisfying).
  • Every puzzle purchase pays the artist who designed it.

Happy puzzling.

Take A Walk Along The Path With These Tees, Aprons, Mugs, and more! [For Sale]

July 19th, 2020 Comments off

Parents Rejoice! Sesame Workshop Has Made 110 Sesame Street eBooks Free via Gizmodo

March 27th, 2020 Comments off

If your recent transition to working from home every day was made all the more challenging with a house full of kids not able to go to school, Big Bird and his Sesame Street gang are offering a little relief by making 110 ebooks for kids absolutely free on all the major online book platforms.

Accessing the free titles, which include everything from books teaching kids timely lessons like sitting still to sparking an interest in becoming the President one day, does require access to a mobile device like a smartphone, tablet, or ereader. But the Sesame Workshop has extended this offer to platforms including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play, Barnes & Noble Nook, and even Kobo, with no specified expiration date just yet.

Some of our favorite things to watch on Netflix and YouTube

March 22nd, 2020 Comments off

Maps: Where LA And OC Families In Need Can Get Food While Schools Are Closed via LAist

March 20th, 2020 Comments off

Schools around Los Angeles and Orange counties have closed in an effort to prevent further spread of coronavirus.

As LAUSD officials pointed out, that wasn’t an easy decision, because many families depend on schools for meals, child care, and services for students with special needs.

“Our schools provide a social safety net for children,” schools Supt. Austin Beutner said at a Friday press conference. “The closing of any school has real consequences beyond the loss of instructional time.”

We are compiling this list of resources for families who may need help, and we will update as we hear more. In many cases, particularly when it comes to school districts, meals will only be given to individuals 18 or younger who are there in person.

You Can Suspend Your Federal Student Loan Payments for Two Months via Lifehacker

March 20th, 2020 Comments off
Our loans are through Navient. While they have a COVID-19 notice about the internet rates being set to 0%, under their forbearance section I am not yet seeing a COVID-19 forbearance choice, so it looks like lenders are still catching up to the quickly changing policies. 
Check directly with your lender for more information!
You Can Suspend Your Federal Student Loan Payments for Two Months via Lifehacker

President Trump said today that federal student loan borrowers can skip their payments for 60 days. But it’s not automatic.

From the Department of Education’s press release:

All borrowers with federally held student loans will automatically have their interest rates set to 0% for a period of at least 60 days. In addition, each of these borrowers will have the option to suspend their payments for at least two months to allow them greater flexibility during the national emergency.

#COVID19 Day 6 – Today’s “Office” Playlist via Pandora

March 16th, 2020 Comments off
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My Call for Cal Poly Pomona to Move to Online Instruction – Letter to CPP President, Soraya Coley

March 11th, 2020 Comments off

I just sent this letter to Cal Poly Pomona President Soraya Coley and would encourage you to send something similar to whatever CSU you may be affiliated with as a parent, spouse, faculty or staff member. — Douglas

President Coley,

As a CPP parent and spouse of a CPP instructor, I am writing to implore you to move CPP to an online education footing immediately.

  • The Novel Coronavirus is a high-impact and sometimes deadly infection and large gatherings of people are highly likely to spread the virus.
  • Dormitories, like all mass housing, are especially prone to spreading the disease.
  • Using the current Italian situation as a guideline, we are quickly approaching the deadliest phase of this infection.
  • Many students and faculty live with immuno-compromised relatives and preventing the passing of the virus to them could be a matter of life and death.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said just this morning that …
  • “I can say we will see more cases, and things will get worse than they are right now,” Fauci said. “How much worse we’ll get will depend on our ability to do two things: to contain the influx of people who are infected coming from the outside, and the ability to contain and mitigate within our own country.”
  • Many of your nearby UC counterparts have already moved to online instruction in an effort to mitigate the transmission of the virus
  • Many experts in the field are calling on all of use to #FlattenTheCurve of infections to help reduce the impact on our healthcare system


We are trying to our best to mitigate the effects of this infection and I feel that CPP should also be doing the most possible by using online education to reduce physical interaction between students, faculty, and staff.

I call on you to make this determination IMMEDIATELY as we are on the cusp of the worst part of this crisis and lives depend on your decision.

Douglas E. Welch 
CPP Parent and Spouse

Please Consider A Valentine’s Donation For The Channel Island Fox!

February 14th, 2020 Comments off

I am a board member of Friends of the Island Fox and help do a variety of work to preserve this threatened/endangered species that live just right off our coastline. They are amazing animals and I highly encourage everyone to visit the Channel Islands (Santa Cruz Island is our usual destination) and spend some time among the foxes and other nature. It is a relatively quick 1.5 hour trip out from Ventura Harbor vis Island Packers. A great way to spend a day.

You can find many pictures of the channel island fox on my Instagram and Flickr photo accounts.

As a Valentine’s Birthday gift to me (and the foxes), please consider a donation to continue our work to protect and educate the public (through school programs and Road Scholar presentations) about this amazing animal in their own backyard.

You can donate any amount by visiting the Friends of the Island Fox web site and clicking the donate button. You’ll also find tons of information there about the foxes, their habitats, their issues and what we and our donors have done to help them, the National Park Service, The Nature Conservancy and many others.

Won’t You Be F257’s Valentine?

It’s February – time to help the unique island foxes that live on California’s Channel Islands!
Why does Friends of the Island Fox ask for your donations? 
Funding is essential for island fox conservation.
You can help this pup. Won’t you be her Valentine?

Island fox F257 is a female 10-month-old island fox. Last summer she was captured on Santa Rosa Island during annual health checks. A sample of her blood was taken, she was micro-chipped, and a whisker was collected for diet analysis.

In December of 2019, she was fitted with a radio-tracking collar funded by FIF and had another whisker removed for analysis.  
All of this work–the examination and work by the technician; blood sample testing, the microchip, radio-tracking collar, and diagnostic research on the whiskers–requires funding.

That is where you can make a difference. We ask you to donate, so FIF can help fund important island fox conservation work across the Channel Islands in conjunction with the various island land managers.

Pup F257 has so much to tell us.

Throughout her life, when captured, her microchip reveals her identity. Her data, gathered during annual check-ups, will form her profile history. Data collected on individual foxes is valuable for researchers and understanding how to keep island fox populations healthy and stable. Her radio collar will monitor her movements and safety.

The analysis of her two whiskers will tell us how her diet has changed from a very young pup to her life at 10 months old. If the winter rains don’t return and F257 faces her first year in drought conditions, will she change her diet? FIF’s Research Grant recipients are investigating important science on island fox health. Are foxes finding adequate nutritional food in their island ecosystem? Can we expect F257 to live a lifespan of 8–12 years?

This young pup is starting her life on Santa Rosa Island. You can be part of her success. Your donation will help make sure she is watched over and healthy.