Popcorn – The secret to a happy relationship – End of the Day for April 5, 2014

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When discussing relationships with Joseph, I often (only half jokingly) offer 2 secrets of a happy relationship.

1. Learn to play the guitar

2. Learn to cook

Lately I have begun to add one more secret specific to my own long-term relationship — make a great bowl of popcorn! This is a big joke between Rosanne and I. Since I seem to make the perfect bowl of popcorn, she has decided to keep me around despite my other faults. (LAUGH) Now, to be clear, this isn’t the standard pre-wrapped, flavored and high calorie microwave popcorns that have crowded out all other varieties of popcorn. No, this is the old-fashioned popcorn cooked in a pot, in oil, over an open flame. To both Rosanne and I, this is the epitome of popcorn. The warmth and the smell is soul calming as well as belly filling. We season it only lightly with salt and a little black pepper tossed in a big stainless steel bowl that only seems to be used for this purpose. Yum!

Evening popcorn

Over the years it has become more and more difficult to find just plain popcorn, in a bag, at the local grocery store. Sure, Orville Redenbacher is usually available, but I don’t think it justifies its premium price. Our usual choice is JollyTime in the plain plastic bag, much like the one’s our parents bought as children. I store this in an air-tight container to keep in the moisture, but that is about it.

It can seem a bit silly that something so simple has such a high place in our lives, but there is something special about a freshly popped bowl of popcorn and something good to watch on the TV.



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