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The quiet time of night – End of the Day for April 15, 2014

April 15th, 2014

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Tonight, we watched a little old television on Netflix, a few garden shows and then just sat for a little while. There is something special on those nights when nothing need to be done and you don’t even feel the need to entertain yourself every moment. The silence that can exist, even  her in the middle of this huge metropolis can be startling sometimes. Yes. we can get interrupted by sirens and helicopters and noisy cars ands trucks, but most of the time, at this time of night, we are quiet here within our own cocoon of warmth and quiet.

Regalbuto at Night

Regalbuto at night, Sicily 2011

Being a music fan, I could’t resist putting on a bit of quiet jazz to enjoy as we finished up a few items of work and I write tonight’s piece. Music, to me, is almost rhythmic silence sometimes. It fills the empty space without taking over. It complements the silence and lulls us further into relaxation and sleep. It takes the correct type of music, of course, but it is unique to each of us and relatively easy to find in these days of “radio” from so many sources.

My choice tonight was the Jazz playlist on iTunes radio. It is close at hand — only a click away really — and fits the mood well. Some nights is hot jazz from the 20’s and 30’s like Django Reinhardt and at other times it is traditional classical fare. The night winds down as the measures of music pass, the beat slows and the melodies grow slow and languid.

This is one of my methods for a good nights sleep. I need to wind down rather than rev up. Last night, my mind wouldn’t shut down and I suffered with distraction and sleep deprivation all day. None of that tonight, though. It is mellow and chill and relaxing and almost time for bed.


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