The Art of Fine Conversation – End of the Day for April 11, 2014

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I am posting a bit late tonight, but, for me, it is still officially the “End of the Day” until the sun rises, so I don’t feel too bad. We had some good friends over for dinner and conversation, which is always good and they just left to make their way back home. Our conversations are always wide raining. One minute we can be talking about animals, birds and flowers, the next we are delving into the depths of the television industry and at others we are talking about new plays and musicals to see around town. Add into that mix a little technology and new media talk and it makes for a wonderfully full evening. 

Too may people shy away from conversation these days. You go to parties and the music is playing so loudly that you either sit next to someone and say nothing or make yourself hoarse trying to be heard above the din. While I like music a lot, I also love conversation and love to sit around talking until all hours of the morning without feeling I will have no voice come morning.

LA Friday Coffee

Friends in conversation at an LA Friday Coffee event

In some cases, I think the people play music or video or video games so loudly so they don’t have to engage in conversation. For some, holding a conversation can be somewhat of a lot art form. The give and take, to and fro nature of conversation can throw people off. They can also worry about whether they have anything interesting to say, stories to tell or experiences to share. Of course, we all have something that interests us in life and, chances are, if it interests us it will also interest others. The trick is in finding common interests among the people in the conversation. Some folks can go on and on about a topic, but if others don’t feel they can contribute to the conversation in some way, it becomes a monologue, not a dialogue and they will look for a different conversation or simply sit in silence.

Don’t be afraid to engage in a good conversation. I often say that I have some of my best ideas  when i am talking with others, so I will often seek out good conversations simply as a way to formulate and refine my own thinking. Conversations are great at linking up disparate ideas and thoughts and letting them bounce off one another. There is a push and pull to conversation that energizes us and makes us think new and interesting thoughts, if we let it.

The next time you are looking for an entertaining evening, invite some friends over, turn off the stereo and the TV and just talk. Add a little wine to lubricate the discussion and help the ideas flow freely. Nosh and drink and talk — and maybe even dream. There is magic in conversation and we can all use a little more magic in our lives.


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