Summer is galloping down upon us! – End of the Day for April 12, 2014

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A long weekend filled with a lot of everything. We have been working on a lot of projects, taking care of home stuff, shuttling Joe to parties, helping him apply for summer jobs and just about everything else you can get up too on a long weekend. The day seemed to fly by today and the month along with hit. In writing these daily posts, I am faced with the date every evening, so you would think I would be more aware of it, but with the middle of April screaming down upon us it still doesn’t seem quite possible. Certainly, our schedule lends itself to losing touch with the days, but even still, this year seems to be passing faster than any before it.

Working at Java Groove Cafe in Van Nuys

This means that we need to planning some things already that I wasn’t really thinking about. Joe is looking for a summer job for the first time this year so we need to start finding and applying for positions as soon as possible. (If you happen to know of something, paid, that could make use of Joe’s skills, let us know!) Then, once he find a job we will have to go through the machinations of matching all our schedules to make everything work. It is certainly easier to do that in Summer, but still a bit of a trick. I had the odd idea pop in my head about taking a short driving trip up north this Summer, too, so some thought needs to be put into that. Planning this summer could be as difficult as planning the rest of our year.

Still, time marches on and accommodations must be made. There is nothing else to be done. Wish us luck as we scramble through life a but more. (LAUGH)


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