Of boats and oceans and foxes – End of the Day for May 3, 2014

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Not much to say today, as I am really, really tired. As I write yesterday, we took the boat out to Santa Cruz Island for the day. Below are a few pictures of our day. More photos and video will come in the next few days here and on my YouTube Channel. 

We saw 10 Channel Island Foxes (if not a few more) including some that had been fitted with radio colors, as  they wandered about the island. We also too in some beautiful scenery, a few unique birds and great learning and conversation.

I hope you enjoy a small taste of what it is like to visit the island.

Channel Island Fox

Channel Island Fox (Urocyon littoralis santacruzae) on Santa Cruz Island

Keri Dearborn talk about Channel Island Fox

Keri Dearborn of Friends of the Island Fox talks about the Channel Island Fox

Landscape on Santa Cruz Island

Landscape on Santa Cruz Island

Complete photos and video coming soon!

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