…and the heat arrives! – End of the Day for April 29. 2014

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I wrote yesterday about the winds and today the heat joined them in force. Thankfully with our new windows in the back of house, it looks like we can hold the initial temperature for almost the entire day without having to resort to air conditioning. The internal and external temperatures have just equalizes, so I have opened all the windows and placed a fan to draw in some of the cooler wire of the garden. I’ll try to cool the house off overnight as much as possible in order to save on air conditioning tomorrow. We’ll eventually have to resort to using it, though. A prolonged string of high heat means we can’t cool the house down enough overnight and so have to do it mechanically.

It is never our goal got suffer with the heat, though. Since I work from home, it is important that I am at least comfortable enough to do my work and keep the computers from overheating. The goal is to reduce the costs involved as much as possible. This is goos for our pocketbook, but also good for everyone, as we put less load on the power gird and do our bit to curb a bit of the pollution used to generate it.

Uh...about that thermometer ...

These hot days are the least favorite of the year for me. I know that many others are very, very happy that summer has arrived in Southern California, but I don’t do well in the heat. I think I was built for more temperate climes. I am already looking forward to the June Gloom that arrives each year, giving us hazy, grey mornings that sometimes don’t clear until late afternoon. These are the days in mid-summer when I can still work in the garden, if I wish. Otherwise, I have to carefully plan to work under shade of wait until the sun falls low enough to let me work in peace while still providing another hour or so of light.

We never know how many 90+ days we are going to get each Summer, but I always wish for just a few or, several days with a break in-between to cool off and catch up. We shall see what the next few months bring. Based on my past 28 years here, I am expecting a lot of heat, though. Thankfully, I also have my plans in order to face the heat while staying as cool as possible.

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