Tired, tired, tired — End of the Day for April 6, 2014

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There is a familiar quote, “Time s what keeps everything from happening at once.” That didn’t seem to be in effect this week. As is typical, we can go weeks with just the average work and fun and then, suddenly, one week or weekend attempts to cram an entire month’s worth of living into a few days. Such was the last week. Along with all our typical stuff we had the musical and the robots, I mentioned artier as well as visits and other stuff to do.

I am sooooo tired. I was suppose to go to the local home store today to pick up some repair items of the garden, but I basically gave up before I even got started. I’ll try to do that, along with several other things like paying bills and such tomorrow, while Rosanne and Joe are at school, but today the mind was willing, but the flesh was weak. I think that sometimes it is wise to realize when you need to take some time rather than push yourself forward — as we all are inclined to do in this day and age. Otherwise, you can end up doing things poorly or even worse, making yourself sick.

Spotted Leaf, our new kitten

Our kitty, Spotted Leaf, has the right ideas. Time for a little nap.

That said, after all this I think we are on the downhill side of this school year. With both a college professor and a high school student in the household, our life revolves around the movement of the school year rather than the seasons. There are a few big projects in the next few months, but nothing that will take the hours these current projects have required. Due to this nature of the school year, I always feel we kind of “surf” into the Summer, like riding that last wave all the way to the beach at the end of the day. I am starting to sense that now, and greatly looking forward to it.

For my own work and life, each day remains filled with new writing, new videos, new ways of sharing and educating those around me. It isn’t always easy, or extremely profitable but it does feel good. I am finding a rhythm to my work that hasn’t been there in a long time. Being a freelance consultant means letting others drive your schedule and I much prefer to be the driver of my own career vehicle, It means I have to be my own best organizer and pusher, but even that added work feels good. I think it is always much better to be in control of your own destiny even if it means more work in the end. At least that work is going directly towards those projects you consider most important in your life.

So, off to bed earlier tonight so I can rise and shine tomorrow and move forward with these next phase of our “fiscal” year. There are a lot of adventures just waiting to be found out there!


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