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The attention you want and need – End of the Day for March 25, 2014

March 25th, 2014

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I have writing, blogging and podcasting for a while, but for a variety of reasons my work has never crossed over the line into any wider popularity. I have some very dedicated fans but my impact and effect on the wider world has always been limited. Like anyone, this sometimes bothers me. I have never wanted to be “famous”, but I have always wanted my work to have as much effect as possible. The reality of this, though, is the more people who know about you and your work, the more impact it can have. Therefore, people need to know about you.

The fact is, I live under the common fallacy that the work should stand for itself. I don’t think this has ever been true, but it is a belief that has existed almost since civilization was formed. I know this intellectually, of course, but I have work against it a lot. I have always worked to promote my work and, at times, myself, but I don’t think I quite have the gene that makes me great at it. This can lead to some large cognitive dissonance  i.e. confusion. (LAUGH)

The one thing that has kept me producing after all this time (beyond my own selfish reason – I like doing it) are the letters I get from readers and listeners. I got a great one today and I have been running on that energy all day. It is so odd how a few words can have such a big effect, but I’ll take it!

So, as Scarlett O’Hara said, “Tomorrow is another day!” and I will keep on creating, promoting and trying to have the biggest imapoct I can have with my life and world.  No matter how much support and feedback I get — or do not get, I don’t think I can ever stop trying. That wouldn’t be fair to those who enjoy my work or to myself.

Got any hints how I can share my work with more people? All advice is greatly appreciated!

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