Long dark journey into the office – End of the Day for March 13, 2014

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People are always telling me I need a little more focus in life. Over the last few weeks, though, focus has kept me chained to my computer quite a bit. When you work at home, alone, it can be a little too easy for the day to slip past. This doesn’t mean I’m not getting stuff done (I spent most of the day editing a video interview), but sometimes a little human, face-to-face interaction is required. I have my favorite coffee spots where I can get a quick brew and nosh, so that helps a bit and also gets me a little exercise, too. Still, it can be hard to “justify” stepping away when there is always something to do. That is just one of the traps of someone like myself who assembles a career out of a lot of different parts. Even if one aspect is slow, there are always others that can be improved and changed.
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That said, we do try to take some time away whenever we can — hence the trip to Palmdale a few weeks ago and Ojai last week. I am a big believer in high-tech/high-touch, so even with all the busy, I know how important it is to balance it out with the outdoors, olive trees, sunshine and a little good food. I think this weekend is more of a gardening, house work, movie weekend, but we’ll be sure to take a little time away from the computers, cook a few good meals and do a little weeding. Sure, I’ll probably spend some time with the computer, but more for fun than work — ok, maybe just a little work (LAUGH)

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