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Just back from speaking to the San Fernando Valley WordPress Group about blogging and content creation. I had a great time and my audience seemed to appreciate the insight. A complete video of the talk will be online in a few days. Subscribe to  my YouTube Channel to receive immediate notice when it arrives.

During my talk, we got into a discussion of why I blog and share stuff online. I told them discovery a decade or so ago when I finally realized the foundation of everything I do in my career and life. I only figured this out after looking back over several years of work and several jobs, but everything I do — in life and work — has something to do with education. I am at my best when I am teaching others — something — anything. Education seems to call to me no matter what I am doing or where I am. Sure, I don’t teach in a classroom like a traditional. professional educator, but I consider what I do teaching in so many ways.

Douglas E. Welch speaks at Dan Fernando Valley WordPress Group

Tonight, I was sharing my love of blogging, but also the many deep reasons you should blog. You can improve your life, improve your career, teach others new skills and facts, share those things that interest you most. You can also meet great people and even attract opportunities to you by sharing “what you do and how well you do it!” 

Even more, teaching others energizes me greatly in my own life. I always come away from any successful talk or training session with a “teacher’s high.” It can often take me a while to come down from it so I can sleep. There is some special place inside me that teaching touches and I am constantly searching for opportunities to get my next “fix.” We should all be so lucky to find such a positive and useful addiction.

I think this desire to teach also drives my desire to learn. I am constantly seeking out new skills and information on a wide variety of topics. If some topic attracts my attention, I will often dive deep into it to learn all I can. I call this my “geek out” method of learning. When coffee interested me, I learned all about green beans, roasting and brewing — especially espresso. Beekeeping caught my eye and I ended up reading several books, listening to some podcasts and learning a lot, even if I never ended up having my own hive.

Many of the podcasts I listen to are designed to give great overviews of periods of history, scientific principles, literary discussions and more. In Our Time from BBC Radio 4 is one of my favorites. Melvyn Bragg sites down with 3 experts in a particular subject or field and 45 minutes later I can guarantee you that you will know a lot more about something you knew almost nothing about before. I often listen to these shows on drives or when I am cooking. It seems a great way to make productive use of my mind while my hands are occupied with the necessity of making my dinner.

My best advice is to go out there and “get your learn on!” Learn something. Do something. Teach someone else. Then Repeat! It is a great way to make your life, and the lives of those around, better and better.

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