Getting the “motivation snowball” rolling – End of the Day for March 16, 2014

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As I have mentioned in the past, I can find it difficult to find motivation on a fairly regular basis. I think it is probably something that all of us deal with occasionally, but I think that with my career writing and writing in general, I notice the issue more. When I am having trouble getting motivated deadline are missed, articles aren’t written and videos aren’t produced. In this one man operation there is anyone to take up the slack when I am feeling less than motivated.

Today, though, was one of those days when I DID get quite a but done. I recorded, edited, uploaded and released the latest episode in my “In the garden…” video series. I also completed the editing on a complicated project which I hope is the premiere episode of a new video series on Artisanal Food. While these projects rendered and uploaded I even stuffed a few other tasks into the open spaces.

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All this productivity got me thinking about the “motivation snowball.” It has always been true for me that if I can complete some task, even the smallest task, it can often lead the way to bigger and better things. I always imagine it like the tiniest piece of snow at the top of a hit. You kick it with your toe and this tiny piece rolls a short way downhill. A it rolls it gathers more snow — and more — and more– until, by the time it reaches the bottom of the incline it has grown into a huge boulder.

This is how motivation works for me. If I can get it started — move it past the point of inertia — I can accomplish a great deal. If you are having a difficult time getting started on a project, trying thinking about your own motivation snowball. What small task can get you started? Some days, it might be as simple as filling my first cup of coffee in the morning or sharpening some pencils. These initiating tasks can seem laughably small, but if they can get your started, why not take advantage of them?It simply a part of human nature that we sometimes have to trick ourselves into doing things, even when, intellectually, we know we NEED to do them. If you have having a difficult day, use whatever tricks help you to get the motivation snowball rolling!

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