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A friend dropped by the other day and asked a common question for me these days, “What job do you want?” I freely gave her my typical answer, “I don’t know and I don’t think the job I want even exists.” That isn’t as strange as you might think. The fact is, I am fine with freelancing. I have done it for years and like the advantages it gives me for pursuing my interests and managing my own schedule. While I may have stopped freelancing as a computer support person, this doesn’t mean I have stopped freelancing. I still book calls as a New Media Consultant — helping others start, build and manage their use of all forms of New Media including podcasting, social media, and blogging. I also work recording events on audio and video for a variety of clients and editing those into New Media materials that can be used for promotion online. I am also blogging and podcasting for myself more, since I have more time for this. I am working on building all my blogs into useful, informative and entertaining places for people to visit.

Working at Java Groove Cafe in Van Nuys

At “work”, wherever I am!

The truth is, there is no job description for the job that I am doing and want to do more. It is too varied and too odd to ever find any description that would fit on one printed page. Mainly this is because this job is really just me. I am my work and my work is me. My work is my interests, my skills, my tools, my writing, my speaking and everything else that I do. Trying to describe that to anyone, even myself, can be a challenge at the best of times and impossible at the worst. Still, I keep trying to turn this sum of my parts into something that can be useful to others and fulfill my monetary needs. Money still must be made, even in an ideal world, so I am always looking for ways to provide value in return for cash. That, though, is just the reality of the freelancer life, no matter what work you do.

Do, in much more than one sentence, is the “job” I am looking for. It isn’t neatly tied up in a pretty package with a bow, but it is what it is. It is odd and a but crazy, but no one ever said life and work would be easy, that’s for sure. I have to remind myself of this on those tough days that occur, but overall I think we’ll be alright. For me a “normal” career would be boring. I’ve lived there and know how it can be. It never felt “normal” to me and I think I have accomplished much larger things in my time out of “normal” world than I ever accomplished within it. That, I believe, is the reality of building the career you deserve.


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