Tempus fugit – End of the Day for March 14, 2014

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There are days that just seem to slip by. Despite your plans, your wants, your desires, morning slips to noon, to afternoon and finally to evening and it is time to go to bed to start it all over again. One problem with being so busy on most days is that you need to cram everything you WANT to do into the remaining days. Unfortunately, this often means your “days off” can turn into just another day when things need to get done. nYou rise through the requirements of the day and find the no time exists for the fun parts. Thankfully, this only happens at the busiest times of year, but it can still be very frustrating. Of course, there isn’t much you can do except push through and find solace in those days when less is required of you.

Modica with castle clock in background

Clock and castle in Modica, Sicily, Italy

Tomorrow is another day, of course, as Scarlett O’Hara stated in Gone with the Wind. You can only take it one day at a time, quantum physics seem to allow nothing less. The only way to face days like this is to try and make the next day — and the next — as fun, useful and full as possible. It can be a challenge, but most of life often is. The trick is to no focus on days lost, days that have slipped by, but focus on the days ahead — those still available to you.

Tempus fugit, the Latin phrase states — time passes. Obvious, yes, but a potent reminder and one often found gracing the faces of clocks. I just to think of Tempus fugit not as a warning, but more a of a challenge. Time IS passing, so what will you do with it! Challenges help to live a good life, if you realize that there are many challenges you will fail on any given day. That isn’t something to be feared, though, simply accepted and let slip into the past. Each days brings new challenges, new success and new failures and you are always better off to focus on these challenges than those that are past, both near and far past.

Time passes. Never forget that, but take the challenge it offers and make the most of each and every day.

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