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Excuse me…you can probably hear me yawning from here. It was a busy day today, but productive and it started much too early for the likes of me — unaccustomed as I am to waking up early to get to an office every day. Of course, I did use to do that and continued to do it for about 15 years of my 25+ year career. Still, when you get out of the habit, it can be a but daunting.

Today, Rosanne and her co-author, Dawn gave 3 talks on their book, The Promise to the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at Carpenter Avenue Elementary in Studio City. I came along as tech support and videographer to capture the talks for later sharing on the book’s web site and YouTube. Flashbacks of me doing A/V work when I was in school. The tech is more advanced now, but the geek cred it evokes if timeless. (LAUGH)


While I didn’t have to the do the presentations today, standing for 4+ hours and the focused attention of taking photographs did me in. Rosanne was worn out, too, after 3 hours of presenting, so we both ended up crashing for a while we arrived back home and fed ourselves some lunch. You forget sometimes how much work can take out of you when you are  focused and energized. You feel so alive while you are doing the work, but afterwards you just need a good nap.



Dawn and Rosanne present on “The Promise” at Carpenter Elementary

Today’s presentations for The Promise are part of our on-going promotion of the book as Dawn and Rosanne finish the manuscript for the second book in the series. Several schools are interested in having them in to share the history of the Oregon trail and slavery along with the mechanics of how a book is written — especially in collaboration. The time before the American Civil War is a distant as ancient Rome for most children today and this history, which occurred in their own back yard. is is often new and shocking to them. It was great to see today’s students so engaged and inquisitive about all aspects of the book and how it was created.

About The Promise

Based on a true story, The Promise follows Mary, the 9 year old daughter in a family of slaves in Louisiana in the 1850s. Because Mary and her father can read and write, Mary’s family is promised freedom if they travel with their master on the treacherous Oregon Trail.

When they reach Oregon, the master frees the parents but keeps Mary and her brother as slaves. Mary’s parents take the master to court to sue for custody of their children, and with Mary’s brave testimony, they set in motion a law which helps determine if Oregon will come into the Union as a free state or a slave state.

The Promise is a historical chapter book for children ages 7-9.

Now, having imported all the photos, processed all the raw video and written these words, I think it is time to rest up after a long, good, day’s work. I wonder what adventures we will find tomorrow?


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