The Sakura are in Bloom! – End of the Day for March 24, 2014

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A bit of a long day today, but I found time for a little bit of fun/work this afternoon. Nature moves at its own pace and I knew that if I wanted to see the Cherry Blossoms at Lake Balboa this year I would need to get there soon. The weekends are always very busy, so I knew that today was probably my best bet. You can see the photos that resulted from my walk in the blog post previous to this one — Photos: Cherry Blossoms at Lake Balboa. I also produced a video during today’s walk, which should be posted sometime tomorrow.

Walking around the lake was so nice in a variety of ways. First there is the walk itself. Exercise is something I need every single day, but walking the same area can get boring after a while. I need some visual stimulation along with my walk, and the birds, water and cherry trees, of course, offered up a wide variety of such stimulation. Next, add in the creative/artistic thinking required for taking photographs and video and you have another level of stimulation. Finally, being outdoors on any nice day is always a boon. My walk left me feeling relaxed, yet energized, Calm physically, but excited mentally. I ended up working the rest of the afternoon and evening away on the energy created.

Lake Balboa Cherry Blossoms 2014 - 34

I highly recommend a day like today for all of you. Photowalks are just that, walks designed around walking and exploring an area using your eyes and you camera. Not only to get some exercise, but you come back with a collection of photos to share with others and use in your other arts, crafts and work. You can take a photo walk by yourself, but they are even more fun as a group. Each person sees something different and when you see someone else take a photograph, you are drawn to see what they have seen. You see through their eyes for just a moment and can then take your own photo using your own individual artistic eye. Even though photographers may take a picture of the same scene, they rarely see it in the same way. This can be a great way to learn more about your photography and how others see the world.

Got a few minutes at lunch? Take your camera or smartphone out for walk. Have some friends join you. Go out and see what there is to see. I know you will surprise your friends — and yourself, too!


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