Just another day — End of the Day for August 26, 2014

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 There are good days and there are bad days. Today was a bad day — but that is leavened with the knowledge that all days pass away and a new one takes its place. There are always days like this when you are struggling for reinvention, rejuvenation and (perhaps due to watching a bit too much Doctor Who), regeneration. If only we were able to change into someone new, yet still retain all our memories, so we could make better decisions and choices in the next life. Ah, science fiction teases us so much with its ideas.

Still, making it through a rough day can take its toll on your mind and body. It is the struggle between knowing how you should react and the way you do react that, I think, does the most damage. I know that I can actively dislike, if not hate how I react to troubles and this simply compounds a day that has already gone awry. Better to simple muddle through the day, accept it as it is and vow to make the next day a bit better than fight and rail against is all. If only I could find that peace of mind myself.

So at the end of this day I sit and try to forget and, perhaps, forgive myself a bit for my own failings. We are who we are — our experiences, our history, our wants, needs and desires — and can be no more and no less than that. Acceptance of who we are goes a long way towards salving a troubled mind and gives us a place to stand to make the next day — and the next — better than the one before.

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