Rite of passage – End of the Day for August 11, 2014

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A family rite of passage was passed today. Joseph received his driving permit today on the first try of the test — which I had expected.

(In video gaming parlance, I would say he has leveled up, Rite of Passage Achievement Unlocked +2 mobility skill)

He now has 6 hours of instruction with the drivers education instructor and then another 50 hours with us before his driver license exam. While he doesn’t have any immediate plans to be driving everywhere, we do think it is important to be trained and licensed should the need arise. Unfortunately, insurance costs will be crushing once he starts driving regularly, but that is a bridge we will  have to cross — ad pay for — when we come to it.

Rite of passage - End of the Day for August 11, 2014

It is moments like this that make all parents pause for a moment and wonder where all the time went. This is a minor step compared to the one we face in 2 years when Joe heads off to college. Even if he attends a school nearby, he will simply not be around the house nearly as much and that will be a huge change. We are seeing some inklings of that now, as he has been taking the bus to his girlfriend’s house and going out on dates and group events with friends.

In many ways, I am enjoying this new return to the earlier days of our marriage, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel strange. I have always said that I expected Joe to move on when he turns 18. This isn’t for any selfish reasons, but rather because I want him to go out and start living his own live as soon as he can. We’ll always be here to support him and help him out, but he has a big adventure ahead of him and I want him to take the first steps on that journey as soon as he can.

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