A Time for Everything, including nothing — End of the Day for August 21, 2014

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A long days journey into work. It interesting having Rosanne around for most of the day during her short vacation. One thing she noticed today was how much time I spend at the computer doing what I do. Since the beginning of the year, I have been focusing on creating and sharing a lot of content, especially more video. This means I am spending more time at my computer, much like when I worked in an office full time. It is a bit weird to go back into that realm, but so important in order to actually get stuff done. Since y laptop keyboard died a few months ago, my computer time is also spent sitting at my desk instead of lounging in my chair, like I used to do. Some of the memories this brings back aren’t all that fond, but nothing that can’t be dealt with by a short walk to the fridge and a cold beverage. (LAUGH)

Working at the temp standing desk

This extra computer time does mean I have to schedule a n hour each day to get out of my chair and walk around the neighborhood. Lately I have been getting in about 5 miles a week, but I feel like I need to get that up closer to ten in order to keep the weight off and maybe even lose some more. At 20 minutes per mile, it doesn’t take that long to get my walk in, but it can feel like a challenge to spare the time away. These days I always feel I have to get back to my computer and back to work. Sure, I can listen to podcasts and books while I walk, but it doesn’t seem quite as productive. I’ll have to continue trying to find some balance in that regard, but keep forcing myself to walk as I think about it.

Next week everyone is back to school, so that will mean more “alone” time for me here at the home office. This can be both good and bad. Sometimes I get a little lonely and when that happens the snacks start to call to me from the kitchen cupboard. I can also end up working a bit to long each day as there is less to distract me. There will be school pickups and other errands to run, so that provides a few excuses to get out of the house, at least. Each semester is a bit different, with a different feel due to the changing schedules of Rosanne and Joe, so it will take a few days, perhaps a week or two to really settle into my new pattern. I feel like I am ready for vacation to be over, though, so it will feel good to get us all back into work mode again.

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