It just keeps rolling along – End of the Day for August 4, 2014

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Just keep moving. It’s great advice, but not always the easiest to take or act upon. There are so many competing interests in our lives from our monetary needs to the needs of our families to those of our careers and companies. Sometimes, despite all the good intentions, you don’t want to keep moving. You just want to sit for a while and let the world move past without thinking — or worrying — for just one moment. Unfortunately, in today’s word, that is nearly impossible. When you stop in place, the world reels by you at an ever quickening pace. You aren’t staying still at all, you’re falling behind, constantly.

So, you always to keep at least your toe in the stream as it flows past. You don’t have to be swept away by the raging river, but you need to hear what it is saying as it passes. This is how I deal with Twitter, Facebook and all the other sources of information in my life. Sometimes I dive in and immerse my totally, pulling out gems of information and knowledge. At other times, I just watch it roll by, or walk away from it entirely. There is no use in trying to capture every single element of the river. Once it flows by it is gone. You shouldn’t regret the loss, though. New ideas, new thoughts, new news, new photos, new selflies, new memes, new videos are being created by the thousands every minute. You haven’t missed anything anymore than if you dried to drink every ounce in the river. It is always being renewed. There should be no regrets. The river keeps flowing even when you are not there to see it. The entire world operates in the same way.

Viaduct Park, Bedford, Ohio

Still, some feel they are obligated to see every atom, every molecule that enters their sphere. These are the foils who constantly complain about too many email, too many texts, too many calls, to many everything. They burn themselves out trying to do something that was never intended — consuming the entire world. If they don’t find a way to let go and let the river flow by, they will drive themselves mad — in large ways and small. They will try harder and harder to do the impossible, only to end in failure.

Let it go. The the river flow. Let time pass. It will do so anyway, regardless of our actions. We need to realize our own limitations and the issues we bring onto ourselves when we ignore them. Stop trying to drink the river. Go swimming and have some fun instead.

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