Another outdoor event tonight – End of the Day for August 8, 2014

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Shakespeare last night and an outdoor movie tonight in the Magnolia Park neighborhood of Burbank. We got another chance to wander the neighborhood, as we have during their monthly Ladies and Gents Night Out on the last Friday of the Month. It was much quieter tonight, without the larger event, but still a nice stroll with a quick stop for a nice cup of coffee. We hit up our favorite Italian market for our regular pantry items from Italy and then crossed the street to the UME Credit Union parking lot for the movie.

Tonight’s film was Grease from 1978. I performed in the stage musical back in 1983 or so and while the movie is quite different from the stage show, it was fun to visit it again. It was the first time viewing the movie for my son, so it was fun seeing his interpretation and response to it.

Another outdoor event tonight - End of the Day for August 8, 2014

The sky above our outdoor movie theater for the night

We have yet another event tomorrow night — an old fashioned burlesque show in North Hollywood. This show stars one of Rosanne’s fellow professors and sounds like a fun retro evening. That said, having all these events arrive at one time tired me out of bit. I think I need some time to appreciate each event fully — and rest up a bit — before diving into the next one. I know we have to get as many events in as possible, as next week school and work begins again, but sometimes I wish things were spread out a bit.

School will bring its own rapid fire series of events in the coming months, but those a much more difficult to avoid Back to School nights, financial aid meetings, and play performances are all considered mandatory for us, so I’ll have to find my own ways of dealing and resting up when I can.


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