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I was having a talk with my friends George and Mary-Lynn over at today — an interview actually for their podcast and the concept of “education” arose in our discussion. (Look for this interview on their site sometime in the next 2 weeks.) The truth is, it took me a long time to discover it, but everything I do — in my writing, my career, my blogging, my speaking, everything — has a deep, deep underpinning of education. I am always teaching something — and learning, too — nearly every moment of every day  .

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If a non-religious person, like myself,  can be said to have a “calling” or a “ministry” then education is my religion. I find nothing so important or so exciting as education. We all need to share whatever we know with others and learn all we can from them. Education — in both directions — is one way we can make the world a better place. I may not teach in a classroom, but I am an educator all the same.

Education is an important factor in my online life, too. While I write my blogs, record my podcasts, produce my YouTube videos, I also share lots of other information from lots of others sources. For me, this sharing of other’s content  is just as important as the content I create myself. When something interests me, I can’t NOT pass it on to other who might find it useful. Keeping this content to myself doesn’t seem right or fair or in anyone’s best interest. I don’t worry about giving attention to others because I don’t see the world as a “zero sum game” where if other’s win (or gain attention), I lose. I am constantly looking for opportunities where  both, if not everyone, can win.

In my Career Opportunities podcast, I started the year with a column entitled “A Year of Opportunity.” This is the theme for 2014 and one great way of attracting Opportunity to you is by sharing what you know, educating others and sharing the great resources you find. Providing value to other people is one of the kindest and most productive actions you can take in your life and career. Providing value also helps others keep you in mind when they have opportunities for you. Don’t ignore how people’s positive experiences with you can lead to greater opportunities in the future.

I hope you learn from me, my blogs, my videos and everything that I do. I look to learn from you, too. Let me know what you would like to learn. If I can’t teach you myself, I will find resources to help you learn from others.

Share what you know, learn from everyone and make the world a better place every day!


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