Subscribed 017: In Our Time from BBC Radio 4

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Subscribed 017: In Our Time from BBC Radio 4

In Our Time, hosted by Melvyn Bragg, is one show that I always include in my collections of great podcasts. I consider it, along with a few other shows, “My Own Private Masters Degree!” I learn so much in 45 minutes that it almost seems impossible. In each show, Bragg, along with 3 experts, tackle the heart of a given subject. Some weeks it is history, sometime science, sometimes philosophy. Regardless, it is an entertaining and enlightening overview of the topic.

People often ask how I can carry on intelligent conversations with nearly anyone at a party. In Our Time is one big reason. It provides such a great introduction into so many topics that it is rare I can’t find some common ground for discussion with nearly anyone.

I highly recommend In Our Time as a large part of any self-directed educational program. We should all be learning something new every day and this show is a great way to do it!

Check out more info on the In Our Time web site at BBC Radio 4

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