Sometimes you just have to make cookies – End of the Day for January 23, 2014

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As the title says, sometimes you just have to make cookies.

We can all get a little too focused on work sometimes –and money — and worry — and stress and the longer I live the more I believe the answer is cookies. Now, I not am talking necessarily about actual cookies, although they are certainly one method, but more theoretical cookies. Cookies as a measure of taking time away, time for yourself, time to recharge.

New Food: Chewy Ginger Cookies - 18

It only takes minutes to make a batch of cookies and it only takes minutes to recharge yourself, your energy and your day. The first thing you have to do, though, is get away from your work, your computer, whatever is giving your trouble, causing you stress. The great thing is, this can be anything that gives you joy. Maybe, like me, you’ll make some cookies. Maybe you’ll play a few rousing missions of GTA V. Maybe you’ll put on your favorite music and dance around the office. (Ok, I work in the home office, so dancing around when no one is here is probably OK. You mileage may vary at your office (LAUGH))

The most important part of your version of “making cookies” is that it should be something that in no way relates to your work and it should be something you can complete in under 20 minutes. This length of recharge has been shown to be very effective whether you are walking, dancing or simply taking a nap. Any longer and it can be difficult to return to work. Any shorter and you never really feel that you got away from your work or challenges.

You would be surprised how many people never take advantage of this concept even though they might have the time and a very deep need to escape. When in the depths of difficult work, we can begin to think that we HAVE to finish it before we can take a break. Perhaps were afraid of losing our momentum. Maybe we are feeling pressure from ourself, our co-workers or our managers. Instead we plod along, digging a deeper and deeper hole in some cases. Too often we end up reversing whatever progress we might have made in an effort to push ourselves too hard.

Take breaks. Take regular breaks. Take different activity breaks. Take off! It really does help. I speak from experience. 

Now, pardon me, I think its time to make another batch of cookies!


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