End of the Day for January 1, 2014

Eotd 001 2014

Here we are in a New Year and I have started off with a bang. I have spent the last week or so gearing up and spent most of today acting on a few new projects I want to continue throughout the year. One idea that struck me just tonight, was an “End of the Day” blog post to sum up what happened each day and what I am planning for the next. We’ll see how many of these I do over the coming year. I tend to believe that I would rather only post when I have something to say, rather than stick to some rigid schedule, so these posts might be a bit sporadic instead of daily. Again, only time will tell.

Re-joining the outside world

First, I finally feel, after a year of transition, ready to face the world again. After my health issues at the end of 2012 I was somewhat shook up. It has taken me almost the entire year to divest myself of one career and try to establish some idea of a new one. I have left behind my computer consulting business and focused more and more on my blogging, podcasting, YouTube Channel and New Media/Social Media consulting.

Evergreen content

Over the last several weeks I have neatened up my own online presence and started to re-discover some of the evergreen content I have created over the years. Once i find something interesting, I am re-surfacing that content via my Twitter, Google+, Facebook and other accounts for those who haven’t been following me or the 2 decades (or more) I have spent online. You will see this content pop up on the social media accounts and occasionally on the blogs, too. I would love to hear what you think about this idea.

As I was building today’s Top 20 lists for each of the blogs, I was very happy with the quality of content I have developed over the years and also how popular it has been with readers, listeners, and viewers. I have been blogging and podcasting for so long now, that I often find items that I don’t really remember writing. I love seeing that content and I hope you do, too.

What new content would you like to see?

I would also like to hear what new content you would like to see on each of the blogs, podcasts and the YouTube Channel. I love answering questions and I will try to capture as many questions, and answers, as I can in the coming year. Feel free to send yours along. I would love to be able to share my answers with everyone here.


Photography has also re-entered my attention this year. I have always loved taking photographs, but recently I have been taking more time to actively go out on photography trips and also take my camera whenever I go out, just in case anything pops up. That, along with the popularity of Instagram and the, new-to-me, ProjectLife365 photo challenge should keep the photos flowing over the next year, too.


With my son home from school there is a lot of video gaming happening here in the office, especially since he built himself a new, high-end, gaming PC as his Christmas present. This has immersed me in the gaming world a bit more. While I play Minecraft regularly, he has been showing me new games for my repertoire including War Thunder (a WWII flying game) and all the Call of Duty and Battlefield series. I am not much of a “twitch” gamer, but some of these interest me and now we have a PC that will play them at their highest quality and speed. I hope to create a few introductory videos to my favorite games to share with you via YouTube, as well as to continue my Minefull Minecraft series. I am looking to add some more members to out Minecraft server, so if you play the game, consider dropping me a line if you would like to join us there. 

So that’s it for this End of the Day entry. Who knows where it might lead!

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