Energy Level – End of the Day for January 22, 2014

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I was working this afternoon when I hit a wall. My shoulder slumped, my jaw slackened and my fingers stilled. I hate when this happens. Despite my desire to accomplish as much as I can each day, my energy had left me. Luckily, I had finished much of what I needed to do, but there was more I could have done.

Energy level has been one of my issues since I started losing weight over a year ago. While sometimes my lighter frame leads gives me more energy, my eating habits (or rather my not eating habits) can let my energy flag. Even worse, even after I eat something, my energy takes a long to to return. I also have another issue with eating, in that I used to eat to overcome bad moods, depression and anxiety. Without the crutch of comfort food I once had, my moods can deepen in a bad cycle. So, not only do I have to carefully watch what I eat, but when I eat, too. This in itself can get a bit tiring over time. It takes such focused attention.

Even with all this, though, I still managed to make potato soup for family dinner, help a neighbor with a computer problem and made a batch of Chewy Ginger Cookies (recipe and photos coming soon). This is how I cope these days. Instead of working on technology and writing, I switch over to more high-touch pursuits like housework, cooking or other to-do items around the house. This gives me some sense of accomplishment even when I can’t work on my other tasks. “Any port in a storm” as the saying goes.

Each day I learn a bit more about myself and then struggle to put that new knowledge to use. It doesn’t always happen, but it is something I keep in mind each day, especially I days like today when things don’t always go as planned. Tomorrow is a new day, though, with new accomplishments and new challenges.I try to take it as a new start, a new beginning and go forward from there.

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