Having friends over for dinner – End of the Day for January 4, 2014

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Among Rosanne’s family it has always been a saying that whatever you do on January 1st is what you will do most in the New Year. We have expanded this to include the entire first week of January ourselves, so I think this year will turn out to be quite interesting. We took in the play last night and tonight we had our first dinner with friends in 2014. We love having friends over for dinner, but it can be quite difficult to find those able to have dinner with us. Tonight’s friends, Keri and Michael, are one of our regulars. Among all our friends, they are the most likely to be available and open for dinner or other events throughout the year. For whatever reason, our schedules and sensibilities, often intersect. I only wish it worked that way with others.

Why is it so important to have friends over for dinner? We find it is the environment most congenial to conversation — something we enjoy very much. Yes, that’s right, we just like sitting around talking to other people, sharing their lives, their successes, their challenges. This is one main reason I am not a big fan of going out with friends either to the movies, restaurant or bar. No environment is as conducive to conversation as the home dinner tablet and couch.

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So, we cook up a big dinner, usually pasta and sauce of some sort, open a bottle of wine and sit down for a long night of talk, and dreams, and wishes, and sometimes even gripes, depending on how our lives are progressing. That’ s ok, though. Sometimes that is best way to get over the tough times and move onto something better.

We also use this time to make further plans. Tonight we discussed trips to Descanso Gardens nearby, a road trip up north to the Mono Lake are and a shorter trip to the local mountains. The Great Backyard Bird Count is coming up in February and we usually get together for that and my 50th birthday happens on Valentine’s Day, so there were the early discussion of party themes and dates. Each year always brings something new, but it always great to make some plans, cook up some ideas and start the wheels rolling on those things you “want” to do in the New Year.

I hope can convince your friends — and yourself — to get together for dinner every so often throughout the New Year. Keep in touch with those that matter most to you. You can learn a lot from one another and while you can spend a lot more money for a night out, I don’t think you will find anything better than a night “in” with friends!

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