Ups and downs – End of the Day for January 12, 2014

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Every day has its ups and down and, for me, this can often happen several times in one day. We had a great sit-down with old friends over at Republic of Pie in North Hollywood this afternoon. Lots of talk and great pie, so who could really complain about that, right?

Republic of Pie with Friends - 5

Rosanne and Helen talking over “pie”, actually a bit of quiche at this moment in our lunch. True pie came a bit later in the meal.

After that we headed over to Fry’s to replace my failed monitor for my Mac Mini and, again accomplished things very quickly and headed home.

Unfortunately, I suffered a few setbacks working here in the home office both interpersonally and work-related and, as is sometimes my problem, I wnet down the rabbit hole of a grey funk for most of the evening. I hate when this happens, but it does happen and all I can do it push through it. I spent some quality time reading and watching some TV with the family and eventually emerged again.

I find that since my surgery over a year ago and as I approach my 50th birthday in February, I am undergoing some significant changes in my life outlook. For better or worse, I am becoming less tolerant and accepting of certain issues in my life. Where, in the past, I might allow problems to wash over me, no I make definitive actions to stop these issues or simply remove myself from the situation. I just don’t feel I have the time, inclination or desire to deal with these issues anymore. This has made me a bit more unequivocal about things and more willing to simply “move on” when faced with certain issues.

I am still finding my way through this new “me” and it is a bit rough at times, but I think it is an important part of my transition — both in work and life — and will eventually settle into some new normal over time. 


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