Lack of motivation and new food in the New Year – End of the Day for January 11, 2014

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Motivation? What motivation?

It happens. You wake up one morning and your motivation has simply got up and went. Today was that day. I have been putting in a lot of hours recently and I think it finally caught up with me. I completed most of my typical daily online tasks and even managed to feed the birds and such, but beyond that, it was more of a typical Saturday than the workday I wanted it to be. I even ended up taking a nap later in the afternoon, just because I wanted to.

Everyone needs a day off and I guess my body and mind decided this was going to be the day. I can’t let this happen all the time, but every now and then should be fine. It is important to understand yourself well when you work for yourself. You can drive too hard sometimes and end up causing an extended amount of downtime while you recharge the batteries.

These days without motivation can bother me sometimes, though. There are so many things I wan (and need) to accomplish, so it can seem like I am slacking off. This feeling can be hard to reconcile with a general lack of motivation and sets up the perfect environment for a little mental conflict. I can start kicking myself a bit hard on days like this, but the only thing that can really be done is getting through the day and to the next, hopefully more productive, one.

Tomorrow we spend a bit more time out of the for lunch and an event with friends, so I’ll have to get my daily work done early in the day. This is probably great as it will get my motivation kicking right away in the morning, give me a break and then allow me more time for my own work in the evening. It should be a good day and a great way to prepare for the coming week.

Dinner at Hayat’s Kitchen in North Hollywood

The best thing about today, though, was the dinner we had planned at Hayat’s Kitchen in North Hollywood. Our friend and neighbor, Maral, wanted to thank us for helping her out with some computer support and took us to this, her favorite Lebanese restaurant. One of the changes I wanted to make this year was to be a bit more adventurous in my travels, and this certainly was a great place to start. Photos of our food are below and I can tell you it was all very, very tasty. We ended up eating way to much as we sampled a little bit of everything from falafal, to kebab, to stuffed grape leaves, to hummus, to a bunch of other foods I would need to look up in order to spell or say correctly. This is definitely a place we would return to and we have some family members we MUST take there the next time they are in town.

Dinner at Hayat's Kitchen, North Hollywood, CA - 06



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