Sometimes you have to just keep swimming – End of the Day for January 19, 2014

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Three days of great activity and hard, physical labor here at home has left me sleepy and a big non-functional in other areas. Typically a night owl, I can barely keep my eyes open. There is still a lot to do on this office update project and everything else that needs to be done simply as part of life and work.

On days like this I can only think of Dory from FInding Nemo, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” Sometimes that is all you can really do — keep moving forward, gathering momentum headed towards a goal even if it might be a good distance off. The important part is to have a goal in mind before you start. Then, when you get tired a little foggy, you can still be headed in the right general direction without requiring a lot of thought.

Save your deep thinking and planning for when you are fresh and alert. Set the direction and then be confident that no matter how tired you get, you’ll still be making progress. Dory and Marlin might get a little distracted and battered touring their journey but they always have their end goal in mind, P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. This keeps them from getting distracted when poisoned by jellyfish, surrounded by sharks or confronted with seagulls who would rather have them as lunch that for lunch.

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It can seem silly to take life lessons from animated films, but the best ones touch the core of human experience and certain unassailable truths. If the movies can do this, then we should take the lessons they give, laugh at their comedy and enjoy the film.

Choose your goal before you start so that even in the depths of your hard work, you never lose site of it. It can see you through the sleepy days and seemingly endless nights Then, once you do get a little rest, you won’t have to wonder what went wrong and spend lots of time getting back on track.

Do you have days when you need to “Just keep swimming”? Don’t we all? Do you have one main goal that you keep in mind at these times so you don’t wander off in to the kelp beds? What other methods do you use to keep yourself on track?

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