Trying everything and anything – End of the Day for January 2, 2014

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If you have followed me for even a short time, you will notice that I am constantly trying out new things. Some things stick — some don’t, but I try to not let that bother me. The journey is way more important than the destination.

For example today, I published episode 5 of my Minecraft Let’s Play series, Minefull. Although my son had gotten me interested in playing Minecraft about a year ago (and also watching lots of videos about it on YouTube) I only tried a series of my own during the Dog Days of Podcasting 30 Day Challenge back in August. I needed some new idea to help fill out those 30 days, so it only made sense to combine my new found interest in Minecraft with my podcasting skills and interest.

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Will I continue this series? As with all of my projects, I don’t really know. Nor do I really care. The point is to try things out and see what sticks. Sometimes they last for 2-3 iterations and in other cases, like my Career Opportunities column and podcast, they go on for over a decade. Other series come and go, ebb and flow, depending on my energy and interests. As one project lies fallow another becomes active and the waves of productivity wash in and out.

That fact is, you can never really tell what will work and what won’t. In that light, it becomes imperative to continuously try new things and keep a constant flow of projects going. This is exactly why you see so many different projects from me, from photography, to gaming, to New Media to gardening. Each of these, and more, are all a part of what I am and what I do. I have often been told to focus on one thing and one thing only in my life and career and in some ways that really isn’t bad advice. That said, for myself, I have found it very difficult and in some ways, greatly counterproductive. ¬†Focusing, for me, stifles my creativity, my energy and my happiness. I have found that I have to give a somewhat free rein to my thoughts and ideas in order to produce the best work I can. For me, it is this small piece of self-knowledge that I ignore at my peril.

Everyone is different. You may find that laser-like focus is exactly what you need to succeed and be happy, but you may also found that trying everything and anything might be another path that you may need to explore.

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