Video: New Media 101: New methods of making your work visible from “The What, Why and How of Blogging” with Douglas E. Welch

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A quick clip from this 45 minute presentation — The Why, What and How of Blogging.

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Last year for me was the year of visibility. That was my focus for the last year. That was the focus that I was sharing with everyone last year. You can be the best consultant, the best accountant, the best computer person, the best plumber, the best whatever, but if people don’t know what you do, it dos you absolutely no good. you are working a vacuum. Blogging is one way — along with podcasting and online video sharing and other forms of new media to gain visibility for what you do. Ok? The other important part is getting your message out to the people who want to see it and hear it. Too often we rely on other people to get our message out for us. Frankly,that’s because that’s the way technology works. If we wanted to get press coverage, we had to go to — the press. You had to get in the newspapers. You had to get on television. You had to get on radio. You had to get on the talk shows, whatever. That was your only method of getting out to people. For the first time ever in the history of media, as we know it. Since cuneiform tablets said, you know, “Joe is a favorite of the king today” or whatever. We now have the ability to take our message directly to the people who want to hear it. 


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