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A quick tip from this 53 minute presentation — Blogging and Content Creation at the San Fernando Valley WordPress Group.

B101 who you follow


It’s not about who follows you on social media. It’s all about who you follow. Your social media feeds should have value to you. It shouldn’t be about obligation. It shouldn’t be about automatically following back. It shouldn’t be following the popular people. It’s about does what that person is saying have value to you. Because that is where you get the value out of your social media use — in that way. Say, as an example you have a friend who is an expert on knitting. There know everything there is to know about knitting and that’s all they post about on Twitter and Facebook is knitting, knitting, knitting. It’s great content! I don’t care. Ok. I’m  not a knitter. It doesn’t mean that person doesn’t have value. It just means their information doesn’t have value to me. Ok? Follow those people who have value to you. If you see a Twitter come through — if you see a Facebook post — come through and you are like “What the heck is that?” Click on that link and look at what they posted recently. Look at their last 10 posts — and if there is nothing of value in there — unfollow them. All they’re doing is polluting the value of your social media stream. You’re getting less out of your use of Facebook — less out of your use of Twitter — because they’re there. Because you can’t find the good stuff. And I apply that same rule to me. I look at my Twitter stream every so often. I look at my Facebook stream every so often. I look at my – whatever — Google+ stream — every so often. I look at it and say, “If I were coming in as a person who happened to see one of my posts and was thinking of following me — would I follow myself?


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