New Media 101: Small business should teach their customers

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A quick tip from this 53 minute presentation — Blogging and Content Creation at the San Fernando Valley WordPress Group.

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Another thing I do with small business owners, is I got to them and the first question they have “Well, what do I have to blog about? I don’t have anything to blog about.” Well, first of all, if your business is that dull you’ve got problems far beyond blogging and everything else. Ok? The fact is we all have something to share with our customers in our business and that how to work with us. I was talking to the owner of small advertising firm in Columbia, Missouri a couple years ago and it occurred to me the first thing you need to be blogging about, podcasting about is how to work with you. Why do you need and ad agency, if you are a dry cleaner in Columbia, Missouri? How do you work with an ad agency to get you newspaper ads, television ads, radio ads? Why do you need those things? You can educate your client base in how to work with you. That, very similar to behind the scenes information, is very, very important to those people. because suddenly they go “ooohhh”, that’s why I need this person. Then, at the point where they’re ready to pull the trigger and write that check for those services, who is the first person in their mind? You are. Because you have taught them what they need to know. So when they’re ready to buy, you’re right there and they go, Oh, I’m going to call Doug.”


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