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A quick clip from this 45 minute presentation — The Why, What and How of Blogging.

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What do you blog? It sounds ridiculous. It sounds a little silly, but the fact is — everything. By that I mean, everything that means something to your clients. First of all, one of the craziest rules about the Internet, which goes totally against modern mainstream mass media is — you actually no idea who your audience is. You can’t say — you may say, “Aw, I’m going to target males 25 to 35 with this much income.” It doesn’t really matter, because these days, outside of mass media, your audience had to find you — going back to the search engines again. It’s your job to put stuff out there so that people can stumble upon you. There’s actually a web site called StumbleUpon you might played around with a little bit. It is by putting your information out there that you allow people to stumble upon you. You want to get your message out there so that when people are searching on accounting, up you pop. When they’re talking to a friend, their friend will say “Oh here’s a great web site I found about that and pass that along. 


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