New Media 101: Provide Behind the Scenes Information from “Blogging and Content Creation”

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A quick tip from this 53 minute presentation — Blogging and Content Creation at the San Fernando Valley WordPress Group.

B101 behind the scenes


One of the other things — people love behind the scenes information. If you are in a situation to provide behind the scenes information about your life, your work, your career, your artwork or the same for someone you’re working for — people will eat that up. If they can be backstage a rock concert, they will love it. That’s the type of stuff that you can deliver and most people throw that away. They don’t even consider stuff like that in their own life. For example, let’s go back to the artist metaphor. If an artist is creating a pot, sitting there in the lonely little studio — they’re all alone spinning their pots on their wheel — the fact is, if they recorded their process in doing that — they made some video clips of them doing that — people will eat that up. People will visit them and people will come to respect their work more because they see the work that goes into it. A lot of work we do in our lives is hidden. If we can open that up to people we can actually, again, show people what we do and how well we do it and why that pot costs $300 not $1 at the Dollar Store.Ok? There is that much work being put into it. And if you can show that to people, it’s a great thing to share on your blogs, on your YouTube Channel, on your Facebook, on your Twitter and so forth. 


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