What makes the world suddenly turn – End of the Day for July 17, 2014

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The wind changed today — the figurative wind, at least. I have been struggling for months with work, life and career — becalmed, to use a sailors parlance. in the last several days, though, the air has freshened and the sails have started to fill again. I’m terribly sure which way he wind is blowing, but I do have a course that I am. Trying to set and I am watching my bearing on the compass. I’ll have to correct that course again and again, but as long as I am headed in the right general direction, I’ll be happy.

What causes the world to suddenly turn beneath you and opportunities to suddenly appear? I only wish I knew. Then I could make opportunities appear at will instead of waiting for them to show up — which seems to take forever some days. Just like everyone else, I have to work through those days when life just seems a long, slow, slog.

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You can push, you can shove, you can eve shout to try and move things along, but I can tell you from personal experience that it really doesn’t work. You just have to keep putting in thre time, the energy and the thought — every day– and there will be those times when the advantage turns you. Be ready for it when it arrives.

For today, though, I will enjoy the progress that was suddenly made, opportunities that magically arrived, positive vibes that just decided to hang out and have a drink with me (LAUGH) it is important to luxuriate in these moments. You know how infrequently they happen.

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