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It feels odd to be in a career transition, but then again, it does give me a lot to talk about when I give presentations like the one I had for Tuesdays with Transitioners a few days ago. The topic was “Transition is the New Normal,” and I truly believe that, especially based on my experience of the last year or so. Transition is always with us and always ail be. The sooner we realize that, the better for all of us.

I saw some movement in my own transition today when I took a sales call about some New Media consulting. It was actually quite different and pleasurable to NOT be talking about the nuts and bolts of computers and rather what can be done with them. I didn’t have to fight to remove a virus, repaired a crashed hard drive or find a way to fix a document that had gone awry. That is exactly where I wanted to be. I wanted to be thinking and doing in different ways, which is one major reasons I started this transition in the first place/

Of course, it has been a long slow road to this new career and it is destined to be a slow progression even from this point. I seem to be feeling a break, an opening, in the New Media world, though. I think more people are realizing what New Media can do for them and why they need to make better use of it…especially in the world of business. I suspect the economy making small gains has also helped in some regard, too. People simply have the confidence to mover ahead with new projects and move out of austerity mode — at least a small bit.

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One thought that struck me in today’s meeting is how important it is to teach not only the WHAT of New Media, but also the WHY. Each situation is unique and something that works for one may not work as well for someone else. Talking out what people want to accomplish is so important and, even better, never fails to yield new ideas, new tools, new projects and new methods. Each new meeting, each new situation, each new person builds on earlier experiences and creates something new and, hopefully, even better.

Of course, teaching is what I love to do, no matter what part of my career or life I’m involved in at the time. I love sharing what I know, what I’ve learned, and the questions that are rolling around in my mind looking for answers — which are often found with the help others and their conversations. The fun part is that we can (and should be) both student and teacher during any given day. For moment we are a student learning something new from a teacher and then the roles can quickly switch. I find such energy in the give and take of teaching and learning. It excites and energizes me more than nearly anything else I do.

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