When it rains, it pours — End of the Day for July 7, 2014

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Life has been a bit “heads-down” here lately. I have been focused on working on the blogs, recording video and other, fairly solitary, work. Now that it is July, I looked up and have a host of events is headed my way very, very quickly.

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First, I will be speaking at CareerCampSCV (Santa Clarita Valley) this Saturday, July 12, 2014. I will probably be doing 2 talks or 1 talk and a breakout discussion, but I haven’t finalized my topics, yet. I am sure to be brilliant, though, right? (LAUGH)

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Next, on July 14, I will be one of the last speakers as Tuesdays with Transitioners ends its long run helping careerists here in the San Fernando Valley. I’ll be speaking on “Transition as the New Normal”

Finally, on August 22, 2014, I’ll be speaking to OPEN (Outstanding Professionals Employment Network) on Technology and Your Career

If you have a chance, come out and see me. Of course, I’ll also be recording all my talks to share here on the Career Opportunities Column and Podcast a few days after each talk.

It feels goo to get away from the computer for a while and talk with real human beings, instead of everything being mediated though technology. It also gives me an excuse and an opportunity to explore new ideas, new trends and new actions for your career.

Today, I was also asked to co-present a conference paper on the CareerCamp Unconferences, detailing he how and why of putting them together and helping others get the benefit of this excellent concept. I haven’t spoken at a conference for several years now, although I did it quite a bit when I was working in IT full time. It will be great to share CareerCamp with a new group of interested people.

A full calendar is a happy calendar, I believe, so by that description, July and August should be pretty darn neat!

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