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After COVID-19: A little blue sky thinking for a post-COVID19 world

April 4th, 2020 Comments off

A little blue sky thinking for a post-COVID19 world

Ok, a little “blue sky” thinking for  a time when this crisis (or at least the worst of this crisis) is over…

  • What are you planning for when restrictions begin to be lifted?
  • What will you change?
  • What will remain the same?
  • What new ideas/projects/habits will you begin?
  • What are you going to do strictly for yourself and your family?
  • How will the world be different for you?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Food Question: What is your favorite food? Share a recipe with everyone!

November 17th, 2012 Comments off

Ok, here is a really basic food question to get us started in this new series.

What is your favorite food? Can you share a recipe with everyone here in the comments?

We all haves some dish, some food, that calls out to us at nearly any time. It could be comfort food from our childhood or an acquired taste that took use forever to acquire, but now we wonder what ever took us so long.

For me, the end-all-be-all in food is..Pizza! Sometimes I think I could eat it for every meal. Sometimes I TRY to eat it for every meal! (Ok, that might be overstating things, but I can guarantee you I am thinking about it, even if I am not eating it. (LAUGH)

Drop you favorites in the comments and let’s see what amazing things we can discover!

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Need help with your technology gift decisions? Let’s Talk!

November 14th, 2011 Comments off

Tablets and laptops and iPhones, oh my!

Yes, it is that time of year again when visions of iPods dance in your  head and you are trying to figure what technology gifts to get your friends, family and co-workers. Do you need advice on this year’s technology gifts? Let me help you make your way through the dense thicket of tech possibilities.

Ask your questions as:

Let’s make this technology holiday the best that it can be!

You can find technology gift recommendations in The WelchWrite Bookstore and more! I will be adding new items each day.

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Quora Answer to What is a good pasta maker for a beginner?

February 9th, 2011 Comments off

We picked up the Imperia SP150 on a closeout sale years ago and have found it to be an excellent machine. It is hand powered and very simple and straightforward to use. I think some people dive into very complicated equipment that also makes extruded pasta and such but are typically disappointed due to the complexity of the machine and the fact that that they often break down due to this complexity. You are probably better off buying extruded pastas rather than trying to make them yourself.

This machine is built like a tank and does what it does very well. It kneads, rolls and cuts a variety of pasta types. In our unit the basic roller unit came alone and the cutter was a separate purchase.

Read more answers to this question

Imperia SP150 Pasta Machine

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Quora Questions: What are some tips for getting the most relevant insights of a good book?

December 29th, 2010 Comments off

What are some tips for getting the most relevant insights of a good book?

Click the link above to read all answers. Here is mine…

"My favorite method is to make sure my journal is close at hand when reading so that I can immediately note ideas that come to mind while I am reading. You can do this digitally or on paper as long as you can easily find the info when you want it. The simple act of taking note of ideas and thoughts as you are reading almost guarantee that you will remember the relevant insights.

My paper journals are used from both directions, from front to back they are a chronological journal. From back to front they are a series of pages dedicated to various blogs, organization and topics. This allows me to make full use of a given paper journal without wasting pages.

As I am reading a book I might come up with an idea that would make a good topic for my Career Opportunities blod and podcast. That idea would go on the topic page for the blog. If an idea doesn't seem to apply to a particular topic, I note it in the chronological journal along with any other ideas or thoughts that might occur to me. In this way I can capture general information and also specific ideas I can immediately put to use."

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Quora: What are some easy tricks to fall asleep fast?

December 28th, 2010 Comments off

Question from What are some easy tricks to fall asleep fast?

(Click to read all answers)

My Answer…

When I am having particular trouble falling asleep I start to do something repetitive to keep my mind from running away.

This can include repeating one word over and over, focusing on my breathing or, in particularly bad cases, opening my eyes and focusing on some point of light in the room.

When in college, there used to be a radio tower visible from my window while I was lying in bed. I would watch the slowly pulsing red aircraft warning light throw half-open eyes and would often find myself drifting of to sleep without really noticing it.

I think the most important thing is to distract your running mind, if this the main cause of sleeplessness, as it can take you down dark and anxiety filled roads if allowed.

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