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I have said it before, but today I received a direct reinforcement for recording everything I do. Whenever I m speaking to a group of people, I try and record it, even if I have no idea how I might use it. In the case of an event like CareerCampSCV, I know exactly how and where I will use it, but in other cases I might have no idea. Regardless, whenever I make the effort to record something, it benefits myself and other people too.

I received a note about this just today. An attendee of CareerCampSCV wasn’t able to attend my own session at the end of the day, but they watched the recorded version today and took the time to say how much they liked it. With little effort on my part, really, I was able to helped one more person who couldn’t be in my room that day. The fact is, of course, many more people than this one will also have the opportunity to watch the video on YouTube. You never know where your audience might come from, so it is so important to put your work out there so anyone — no matter who, when or from where — can stumble across your work. No matter the size of your face-to-face audience, your online audience is potentially even greater — sometimes by a large amount. Your online photos, audio and video also work for you even when you are asleep. 


I sometimes face pushback when I tell others to record and release their content online. They think that if they put it online, people will have no reason to come and see them live. I find this to be very far from the truth, though. A live experience is so different and offers so much more, any recording can only really simulate the experience. The online version is for those people who cannot or simply wouldn’t attend due to cost, distance or timing conflicts. In fact, if you put your content online, you may find that those who were there in person might watch the recording just to fondly recall the experience.

We have so many easy-to-use tools at hand (and in our pockets) these days. It really makes no sense to not capture your speaking, your teaching, your performances, whatever you do and share it with the world. There are many possible rewards and very few, if any detriments. Share yourself with the world. There are people out there listening and watching!

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