An “At Home” Day — End of the Day for February 15, 2014

End of the day Logojoe-sweet-16

Joe (L) and the other gentlemen of the Sweet 16 Court

What do you do after a big night out? Chill at home, of course. It was a late night and it took a bit for Joe and I to unwind after an evening of music and dancing, so we didn’t get to bed until even later. This morning, though, Joe was in full-on gaming mode, headphones tight to his head and hands flying on mouse and keyboard for rounds of League of Legends and more. I was slow to arise after a good night’s sleep and took my time getting moving. Breakfast was some Irish Oatmeal with peanut butter and cocoa powder melted in. It ended up being quite yummy. I keep finding ways of dressing up rather simple fare with fairly low calorie additions to keep things interesting. Boring food is dangerous to any weight loss plan.

It wasn’t until later in the afternoon, after a bit of family business, that we heard some friends were seeing the Alexander Calder show down at LACMA and could come by for dinner afterwards. We needed a few supplies so we took a nice leisurely walk up the grocery store and then Rosanne cooked up a batch of Biba’s Ragu ( a common friend and family dinner offering). Again, a little exercise is crucial to everyone and a stroll with a reason behind it is a great double-whammy.

The rest of the evening was spent eating, talking and sharing videos on the big screen using the Chromecast. Visitors almost always have something they would like to share, and the Chromecast makes it easy to find a video and push it out to the TV. After a big dinner a little  La Passeggiata was in order, so we all took a walk to our friend’s house to check in on their dog while they are enjoying a weekend of theater in New York City. It was nice to get out in the cool air, stretch our legs a bit more (this brought me to a total of 2.5 miles walking for the day) and chat a little.

This is exactly how we like to spend our days sometimes. Kicking back. Enjoying great company and a little entertainment. Tomorrow we are off and running again with family visits and  a long delayed trip to the ewaste drop off in Sun Valley for me. This long weekend will turn out to be pretty nice and a good balance between fun and accomplishment, I think. Then it is off into another busy week, as always.

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