You are getting sleepy — very, very sleepy… — End of the Day for February 19, 2014

End of the day LogoI have always been a night owl. I love having the house to myself after the family goes to bed and sometimes I even get a lot of work done. A few nights ago I used the quiet to record my weekly podcast, post it to the blog and all the associated social media sharing I normally do. Then there are days like today.

I have been sleepy all day. It was difficult getting going this morning and by the time I finished making dinner I was ready for bed. Of course, that is waaay to early, so I had to push on to my second wind. This is sometimes good and sometimes bad. It often means that I won’t be sleepy when my usual bed time does arrive, around 1am. This can set into a place a bad cycle that takes a few days to put back to rights.

Sleeping kitty

Still, I have noticed lately that I am retiring earlier in the evening. Unless there is something compelling for me to watch, my mind is often not sharp enough to hard work. Now that I have the mid-morning to hit the really difficult stuff, I find I do most of this work earlier in the day, meaning I don’t have to do it late at night. In the past, I often had to do my own work late, as I was working for others during the day, so perhaps this is what is allowing me to feel sleepier, earlier in the evening.

I never thought I would have trouble staying up late enough to write these End of the Day posts, but there are some evenings where it has been quite a struggle. It could mean that these are a bit more free form, a bit more personal and a bit less guarded, which can be a good thing. Most of my other writing is pretty formal and educational and I am feeling like I have stretching my wings a bit with End of the Day. I am getting some good feedback, too, which always helps as well as seeing additional traffic to the blogs. Traffic is how bloggers gauge the success of any given post, so I watch my stats carefully. Sometimes I can get a bit obsessive about statistics — as can most bloggers — but I feel it gives me the clearest picture of how I am doing.

Of course, now that I am writing this and thinking more, I am starting to wake up, Writing, like teaching and speaking, tends to invigorate me rather than tire me out, so I guess it is only natural. Now I have to find some other project to work on until I am ready for bed. (LAUGH)

Goodnight to you all! Pleasant dreams! Dream of large success!


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