Subscribed 47: Gigaom – Emerging technologies and the disruption of media

Subscribed 47: Gigaom

I find myself reading a lot of material from Gigaom in my daily travels through my RSS feeds. Like many other group blogs/sites they produce a lot of content, much of which is right on target for my technology news needs. I especially like their stories can and does change society, culture, productivity and business.

Gigaom screen

Recent stores include:

  • CES robots take on cleaning, fun and personal assistance
  • At CES, sub-$1,000 3D printer options grow
  • Supreme Court to hear Aereo case, which could define future of internet TV

From the Gigaom web site…

“Gigaom began as a blog by one writer in 2006, Om Malik, and has grown into one of the most credible and insightful voices at the intersection of business and technology. Gigaom is a new type of media company with a business model that leverages technology, transparency, and access to information. The company’s growth has been propelled by great writers, journalistic integrity, industry depth and audience engagement.

Since 2006, Gigaom has grown into the leading independent voice on emerging technologies and the disruption of media. The Gigaom news network’s online audience of 5.5 million monthly unique readers relies on its definitive coverage of cloud, mobile, cleantech, consumer web and media. Gigaom Events bring together the people innovating, shaping and defining the ongoing evolution of the technology industry. Gigaom Research offers the highest quality research and analysis of emerging technology markets and the companies making a difference in those sectors.” 

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