Subscribed 010: Grant’s Advent Calendar with Grant Baciocco


Whatever your religion, you probably have some traditions that center on the Winter Holidays — whether Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice or just seeing it as a time for celebration for being “halfway out of the dark!”  One of our traditions has a New Media twist to it.

Every year for the past 4 or 5 (I would guess) we have subscribed to a podcast by Grant Baciocco — Grant’s Advent Calendar. We first met Grant through his great work on The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd — a pioneer podcast that brought all the fun and silliness of old time radio to the 21st Century.

Grant’s experience with the Dr. Floyd podcast led him to podcasting one of his Christmas traditions. Each  year his parents would fill an Advent Calendar with trinkets and he would open one door a day, much like many other kids. Grant’s grown up now, but he still brings his “childlike excitement” and silliness to the Advent Calendar each year.

Grant produces a video a day from December 1-25 where he opens the appropriate door on the advent calendar and shares its contents with us. But he also does more — so much more! Each video contains a skit, a parody, a musical number, an on-location opening — you never know quite what to expect each day — which is exactly what an Advent Calendar is all about.

Visit Grant’s Advent Calendar on the web! A promo for 2012 is already available.


Watch the 2011 Edition of Grant’s Advent Calendar

Subscribe the Grant’s Advent Calendar podcast via iTunes and receive each new episode automatically (Highly Recommended)

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