Subscribed 024: Sorted — What I’m watching and reading!

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This is a new subscription for me, as I only discovered Sorted YouTube Channel and web site with the launch of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube “network” on YouTube. They are a very personable group of guys and the food they highlight is quite good. With my work on #KitchenParty, I am finding that I am adding a lot of food-based subscriptions to my reading and viewing mix.

From Sorted Food web site…

Welcome to SORTED…The online food hub for beginners and pros.

There are hundreds of quick, easy, delicious recipe videos plus a whole load of skills, tips & tricks and cool food stuff from around the web.

Whether you want to get smarter at cooking, save some money, or just have a good laugh in the kitchen, we can definitely get you SORTED.

Link: Sorted Food YouTube Channel

Link: Sorted Web Site

What are some of your favorite Subscriptions? Share them here in the comments!

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