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Having visited London twice now — and always itching to get back to the UK — I follow a number of Uk blogs, including Londonist. This is the UK division of the large scale Gothamist LLC which runs city blogs in a number of cities and countries. I also subscribe to my local version, LAist, here in Los Angeles.

I love seeing what is happening in the city and also love seeing those sites that I have seen on my travels there. I am an avowed anglophile and Doctor Who fan, so by immersing myself in the day-to-day happenings in this amazing city, I can live vicariously until I have the chance to visit in person again. 

Link: Londonist

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11 thoughts on “Subscribed 027: Londonist

  1. Hi!
    Here are the podcasts that are on my iPhone at present;
    The Weird Show Podcast
    DWO WhoCast
    Comedy 4 Cast
    No Agenda
    BBC Radio 4 Newsjack
    Dr Floyd
    The Unexplained with Howard Hughes
    The Gralien Report
    Leo Laport the Tech Guy
    The Moth
    Vox in a Box
    Mysterious Universe
    Dreamland with Whitley Strieber
    TWIT (ThisWeek in Tech)
    The Paracast
    The Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold


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