Subscribed 025: Cold Antler Farm

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Cold Antler Farm


Here is a blog subscription that goes entirely counter to almost every previous Subscribed post — a blog about homesteading. Cold Antler Farm is the story and blog of Jenna Jackson. As Jenna says in her blog bio…

“Enjoy the story of a young writer living in Washington County with her fancy dogs, sheep, lots of chickens, fiber & meat rabbits, geese, ducks, turkeys, a hive and a garden. Expect to hear a lot about mountain music, the civil war, local food, and my friends along the way. It’s a big time folks.”

I love reading about Jenna’s experience with her farm, weather, her horse, Merlin, the weather, finances and more. Perhaps it is because I grew up in a farm environment, I respect her choices and her challenges in trying to homestead and make a living. Jenna has a lot of other activities beyond the farm, too, but all of them include it in some way. She has a wool CSA, runs a fiddling seminar, hosts the Antlerstock conferences at the farm and more. She tries to give her readers everything that happens on the farm and everything that happens with her. Sometimes this means posts about what a struggle it can be and at other times Jenna can be writing about the shear joy of rushing over snow-covered roads in a sleigh or driving her own cart and pony in a local parade.

Maybe reading Cold Antler Farm is my way of getting away from Los Angeles, at least in my mind. Despite 26+ years in California, there are times when I am still a small town boy at heart.

Link: Cold Antler Farm

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