New Media Gear 20: Headphone Recommendations

New Media Gear 20: Headphone Recommendations

My old — and rather inexpensive — set of headphones are on their last legs, and since I am moving into more on-location video production I decided I needed at least one new pair. I put out the call for headphone recommendations on both the Podcast Community Group on Facebook and the Podcasters list on Yahoo. As usual, I received a host of great recommendations.

For the time begin, I picked up a rather inexpensive pair of headphones at the local Radio Shack store as I had a discount coupon available and they are nearby. These will get me by for a while and I will continue checking out all the further recommendations for a more expensive set for the future.

Radio Shack: AUVIO® Foldable Headphones

Auvio headphones

Read the main conversation on the Facebook Podcast Community in this thread.

Headphone recommendations:

From this list, I am leaning towards the Sony headphones.  I have used them professional environment before and liked both their sounds and their fit. It was great to be reminded of them as a possibility.

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2 thoughts on “New Media Gear 20: Headphone Recommendations

  1. I wish I could give you something more to go on than just “Yamaha headphones” but te set I have now don’t have the model number anywhere on the headphones themselves (and I doubt I still have the original receipt). I’m skeptical about Skull Candy for professional use, as I always understood those headphones to be made more for consumers. I could be wrong about that, tho. Anyway, good luck with your search for some new phones. I hope you find something good!

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